Aug 2019

Vocal for Local

Central to the mission of Copper + Cloves is a celebration of local, sustainable produce.

When I founded Copper + Cloves, I knew I wanted to share my favourite recipes that are inspired by flavours and cooking techniques from all around the world. However I was also very clear that I didn’t want to encourage people to cook using ingredients imported expensively and at a cost to the environment.

I’ve always spent time sourcing food grown and made locally, and building relationships with producers and suppliers to understand as much as possible about their values and ethos. To mark Independence Day, I thought I would celebrate some of my favourite plant-based, small-scale food suppliers and producers, who focus on supply-chain sustainability, traditional methods and local sourcing. I couldn’t stop writing! I think there will need to be a part 2 to this blog because honestly, since moving to India I’ve been overwhelmed with the number of amazing people I’ve met who are doing interesting, inspiring things in sustainable, local plant-based food.

Nothing written about here is a paid promotion. I have never done a paid promotion nor do I ever mention a product on any platform because I am asked to. Every brand/supplier/product I mention here I have personally tried and loved, and irrelevant of how I was introduced (including sometimes being sent free samples or being offered a discount), I have become a repeat customer and have paid full price for (and continue to do so).

Some of the brands/suppliers I mention have amazing offers running at the moment, some others have offered exclusive discounts for the Copper + Cloves community. Please note that none of these codes have any earning power for me- it is simply a kind and generous offer from the supplier or brand that I am sharing with you all, because I think you may like their produce.

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Whole Grains 101

Thank you for continuing to read on until week 5 of our #NutritionTuesdays series! Each week we’ve aimed to give you small, actionable tips – realistic, manageable changes to your behaviour that, when layered up slowly, can lead to a big shift and life-long healthy habits.

Now we need to talk about rice. A staple part of our diets in India. It can play an important role in a balanced diet for sure- but all too often we see people eating large piles of white rice – which is the refined version of a whole grain – and we hear all sorts of myths about brown rice! We want to pitch to you to make some easy switches to get more whole grains in your life.

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